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Insulated Panel Systems

Katusepaneeli süsteemid

Katusepaneelid on mõeldud katusekatteks. Neid iseloomustab trapetsikujulise välisvoodri väga sügav profileerimine. See on seotud pikaajaliste teeninduskoormuste edastamisega. Lauad kinnitatakse kruvidega puit-, teras- või raudbetoonkonstruktsiooni külge.


Minimaalne katuse kalle on 3 ° (5,2%) ilma katuseakendeta ja 5 ° (8,7%) kogu pikkusega ühendatud paneelide katmiseks. Fassaadikate on mõlemal küljel tsingitud terasplekist vastavalt standardile EN 10346 orgaanilise polüesterlakiga, mille kattekihi paksus on 25 μm.



Kliendi erisoovi korral tarnime paneele, mis on lühemad kui 2,0 m ja pikemad kui 12,0 m, maksimaalse pikkusega 16,5 m.


Polyisocyanurate roof panel

PIR D MAX roof panels are designed for roofing. They are characterized by a very deep profiling of the trapezoidal outer cladding. This is related to the transmission of long-term service loads. The boards are fastened with screws to the wooden, steel or reinforced concrete structure. The minimum roof pitch is 3 ° (5.2%) without skylights and 5 ° (8.7%) for covering panels joined along their length. The plate cladding is galvanized steel sheet on both sides according to EN 10346 with organic polyester varnish with a coating thickness of 25 μm. The modular width of the panel is 1000 mm, and its standard lengths range from 2.0 m to 12.0 m. On special customer request, we supply panels shorter than 2.0 m and longer than 12.0 m, with a maximum length of 16.5 m. The tightness of panel joints is ensured by the PUS polyurethane gasket applied at the production stage.

  1. The profiling of the metal cladding makes the walls look aesthetically pleasing

  2. A large radius of cladding profiling ensuring the integrity of the protective coatings

  3. Continuous polyurethane gasket applied during the production process

  4. Protection chamber against water capillary action

  5. Core made of rigid PIR foam with very good thermal insulation and fire properties

  6. Contoured edges facilitate assembly and increase thermal insulation

  7. Continuous polyurethane gasket maintaining high thermal insulation. It was applied during the production process

  8. Aluminum foil prevents the penetration of water vapor into the core of polyisocyanurate foam

Impact of external fire on the roof - BROOF

Paneeli modulaarne laius on 1000 mm ja selle

Maksimaalse pikkusega 16,5 m


Väliskülg: Trapetsikujuline

Sisemine külg: lineaarne, sile


Välisvoodri standardvärvid

RAL 3000

RAL 8017

RAL 5010

RAL 9002

RAL 6011

RAL 9006

RAL 7016

RAL 9007

RAL 7035

RAL 9010

Sisevoodri standardvärvid

RAL 9002

RAL 9010




A wide range of typical flashings, as well as the possibility of performing machining according to an individual project and the availability of a range of complementary accessories allows you to make a tight cover, resistant to weather conditions and highly aesthetic.

  1.      PIR sandwich panel D

  2.      Construction screw + calotte

  3.      Roof ridge flashings

  4.      Roof flashing

  5.      Construction of the object


The use of PIR D sandwich panels with a trapezoidal top cladding allows a roof covering capable of supporting both dead weight and climatic loads to be carried out in a short time. In addition, high thermal insulation and low curb weight optimize the building structure.

  1.      PIR sandwich panel D

  2.      Construction screw + calotte

  3.      Roof flashing

  4.      Construction of the object


  1.      PIR sandwich panel D

  2.      Construction screw + calotte

  3.      Hood flashing

  4.      Roof flashing

  5.      Construction of the object

Additional services offered (e.g. execution of the so-called "undercutting" with the option of removing foam and bottom cladding in the factory), availability of dedicated assembly accessories and the possibility of recommending experienced assembly teams are undoubted ours advantages which allow us to meet the growing market requirements.



  • Gaskets for sandwich panels 

  • Sealing flanges intended for passage of ducts (e.g. ventilation) through the casing made of sandwich panels

  • Bushings - washers for cold plates

We supply adhesive, polyurethane (PUS and PURS), polyethylene (PED) and butyl sealing tapes



  • for hot rolled construction (wall thickness from 3 to 12 mm)

  • for cold-bent construction (thickness from 1.5 mm to 5 mm)

On special order it is possible to provide caps or connectors in the color of the outer cladding of the sandwich panel. Panels can be joined to steel, reinforced concrete and wooden constructions using dedicated fasteners. Detailed information on connectors can be found in our technical catalogues.



  • Length: 3000 mm or 6000 mm

  • Material: galvanized steel sheet

  • Protective coating: polyester varnish

  • Additional protection: foil

Manufacturer has a profiling machine that allows bending of 1.25 mm thick sheet metal (maximum length of 6 m), in typical shapes from the catalog and according to the individual design of the customer. Detailed information on sheet thickness and colors can be found in the catalog dedicated to a specific panel.

The flashings are protected against damage by foiling the top side. Detailed data is available in the section "For designers - flashing"


Steel flashing are part of the insulation panel system - Sandwich Panels.
Additionally, they are used as a separate decorative element.

Steel flashing is made of galvanized metal sheet with a thickness of 0.5 mm, 0.7 mm and 1.0 mm, colors according to the RAL palette.
Standard length of metal flashing sheet is 6.0 m.

Võtke meiega ühendust, et saada üksikasjalikku teavet paneeli konkreetse paksuse, ulatuse ja rakenduse tüübi kohta.

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