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Z, C, Σ and non standard profiles are produced according to the specification provided by the customer. Production lengths up to 16,400 mm.

Cold-formed purlins are an excellent alternative to purlins made of hot-rolled sections. They are much lighter, which reduces the weight of the structure and facilitates assembly. Cold-formed "Z" purlins, thanks to the use of appropriate cross-section dimensions, can be overlapped over the supports, creating a multi-span beam of any length. This connection also causes the cross-section to be doubled in places where it is the most stressed. "Z" purlins are also successfully used as single-span beams.

In modern construction of steel industrial halls, our cold-bent purlin system is a cost-effective alternative to traditional hot-rolled profiles. The cold-formed purlins offered by Schrag have optimized shapes, which allows to minimize their weight as well as transport and assembly costs. The dimensions of the cross-section and the thickness of the sheet metal of the sections from which the cold-bent purlins will be made depend on their spacing, as well as the spacing of the frames and the loads that occur on the roof.

To meet the expectations of our customers, we leave at your disposal an experienced project team which, thanks to an individual approach to each project, proposes the most effective solutions, and most importantly, in accordance with applicable standards and technical knowledge.

Trust Schrag's many years of experience in the production of cold-formed sections from steel sheets and aluminum for industrial and commercial construction, as well as for many other industries. We provide our clients with our experienced team of specialists who will provide technical support both in the offer preparation phase and during the contract execution. The Schrag company is also a design office that performs static and strength calculations for cold-formed steel sections for structural elements for the construction industry.

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