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Steel Roofing and Wall cladding

  • roofing materials, ranging from basic flat sheets with zinc and aluzinc coating, to wide choice of trapezoidal sheets

  • dressing materials for roofing – steel gutter systems, standard and non-standard accessories

  • wall construction and facing materials – cold-rolled profiles, cassettes, facing and wall panels


Trapezoidal sheets are an economic material for roofing and elevation. A wide range of profiles – from 7 mm to 160 mm height – and types of sheets (galvanized, coated) allows for a diversified use on roofs and elevations, gates and fences, as well as on load-bearing structures in individual and industrial buildings

Low profile trapezoidal sheet can be used for elevation (T7 – T60) and roofing (T14 – T60) of houses, garages and small industrial buildings, whereas higher profiles, due to their higher durability, are used on roofs with larger surfaces and on load-bearing structures. The highest group of profiles (T50 – T160) are used while building large industrial, service and trading facilities, and the highest of all profiles are used for wide-span load-bearing structures (large surface isolated flat roofs) and for ceilings.

Trapezoidal sheets are characterized by high durability, stiffness of construction and economic use.


  • roof covering

  • elevation covering

  • structure element

Trapezoidal sheets are produced out of galvanized, aluzinc, coated or aluminium coated steel sheets (sheet length: 0.50 – 1.50 mm).

In order to improve acoustic values within a building in which trapezoidal sheets are used, there is a possibility of adding perforation. Propositions of perforation possible for each sheet type are included in the enclosed cross sections.

T7D / T7E

The T-7 trapezoidal sheet has a very wide range of applications. The high availability of colours and coatings, including wood-like coatings, makes this product  particularly good not only in the form of fences, soffits or home sheds, but it also is their strong visual accent.


  • garage doors

  • soffits

  • fences

  • covers of damaged façade elements

  • sheds

  • garages

Effective width: 1177 mm

Total width: ~1210 mm

Max recommended sheet length: 6000 mm

Thickness: 0,5-1,0 mm

Height profile: 7 mm


Trapezoidal sheets are produced in accordance with PN-EN 14782:2008 standard and marked by CE sign.


LAMBDA® 2.0 is an improved version of light and versatile roof panels. The new offer provides more possibilities of configuration and the most recent technological solutions, and is perfectly refined with regard to aesthetics.

Roof panels are modern forms whose beauty is grounded in minimalism and functionality; this is why they are a good choice for both modern and traditional architecture. LAMBDA® 2.0 is an improved version of light and versatile roof panels. The new offer provides more possibilities of configuration and the most recent technological solutions, and is perfectly refined with regard to aesthetics.



Longitudinal micro-profiling along the whole sheet length minimizes the effect of waviness on the flat section of the panel.



COVER-CAP, i.e. two-sided plugs of the very hem of the panel, is a solution that additionally improves functionality of the roofing. This solution improves the visual effect and aesthetics of the coating. The COVER-CAP plugs are bent to the roofing which fact covers visible joints of the sheets and makes the roof to present uniform, harmonious surface, even from a close distance.


Special bending of the panel at the eaves section of the roof masks and protects the cut edge and eliminates the necessity to install bolts.



Module panels and module roof tiles are more and more popular roof covers. 

Its' undoubted numeruous advantages are the source of its succes. Here should be mentioned:

  • simple and easy assembly,

  • minimum of wasted material (even with the most complicated roofs),

  • available on stock,easy and safe transport (covers are packed on pallettes with high care),

  • unique design and assembly that camouflages the screws.

Laying of steel roofing is one of the cheapest and the fastest. Products have guarantee period of 10-15 years and their life span ranges from 25 years (zinc coated tiles) to 40-50 years (multilayer tiles with plural type coating). 


Facade panels are products which are widely used in the construction industry due to their versatility. They work well as a facade cladding for both new and renovated buildings. Not only can they be used to clad the smallest buildings, such as garages and sheds or single-family houses but also large facades of office, commercial, public and multi-family buildings.


The offer includes a wide range of products enabling the implementation of investment projects. Our panels can be mounted both horizontally and vertically. According to the customer’s expectations, various coatings are used to protect the panels taking into account the corrosion class of steel. Any colour indicated by the customer is not a problem for us. We have developed system solutions, such as corners, trapezoidal elements, etc., which are required by architects in the building design. We can make custom elements tailored to the customer’s needs. We offer assistance in each investment process: from the design stage to implementation, acceptance of the building and during its operation.


Elevation panels LINEA®

Elevation lining based on the system of steel coffers are mainly used in office and industrial construction as well as retail and public-use buildings.


IZI® is a bi-module sheet metal roof tile, designed with attention to the greatest detail. Its perfectly matching flat surface impresses with modest elegance and a futuristic character, providing roofing that is resistant to time and passing trends. Unique form, ease and speed of installation, exceptional durability, Z-type ribs, and the repeatability of colours and structures are the qualities of IZI®, which are confirmed by a 55-year warranty.

The ground-breaking profiling technology using the ‘Z’ type rib causes the formation of deep shades between modules. This makes the roofing present its unique and dynamic form in any lighting conditions. Not only does the rib shade shape the image of the tiles but, above all, the screws and joints between the sheets are less visible. This has a fundamental effect on the roofing’s aesthetics.




Modular steel roof tiles and IZI®Look mean the highest aesthetics without any compromise. A distinguishing feature of this roofing is elimination of visible screws on the roof surface and thus their harmony is not disturbed by any fastener or installation hole. The installation system, designed in cooperation with roofing experts, is very simple despite its technological complexity.


Effective width: 1183 mm

Total width: 1233 mm

Thickness of steel sheet: 0,5 mm

Total profile height: 38 mm

Height of forming: 30 mm

Module length: 363 (batten spacing 350 mm)

Effective area (cladding) / single sheet: 0,828 m2




Width A1 min/max - horizontal installation: 300 / 3000 mm

Height B1 min/max - horizontal installation: 300 / 800 mm

Width A1 min/max - vertical installation: 300 / 3000 mm

Height B1 min/max - vertical installation: 300 / 1000 mm

Thickness C1: 30 mm

Joint width - FH horizontal / FV vertical: 25 / 25 mm

Mounting holes: oval 6x15 mm, round Ø 9 mm

Ventilation holes: oval 6x15 mm

Thickness of sheet metal: 1,25 mm

Coatings and colours: acc. to individual customer’s requirements

Fasteners: visible / concealed

Installation method: horizontal / vertical

karta produktu SKRIN v03


Perforations in a wide range of sizes and shapes:

  • round

  • oblong (so-called bean)

  • rectangular

  • hexagonal

  • stars

  • irregular

Facade Panels Skrin
Facade Panel Skrin
Skrin Facade Panels


Corrugated sheets are used in large-scale construction and are also ideal for covering the roofs or facades of smaller buildings such as garages or shelters. They are also increasingly used in modern residential construction projects. 


Effective width: 1064 mm

Total width: ~1100 mm

Thickness of steel sheet: 0,5 mm - 1.00 mm

Profile height: 18 mm

Maximum sheet length: 8000 mm

The SINUS corrugated profile is an example of a successful one combination of traditional shape with the latest protective coatings.
Referring to the classic aesthetics forms, offers a wide range of possibilities finishing making sheathing gains an interesting visual effect.


Coating and color availability depends on the required sheet thickness *

Below coloursitic may differ in real products **


A basic organic coating with a thickness of 25µm, it has a uniform, smooth surface, glossy or metallic. This material has numerous applications. It comes in a rich palette of colours, designated using RAL, a universal colour matching system. 

Warranty period: 10 years*

*Guarantee card specifies detailed terms of the guarantee

RAL 1015

RAL 6029

RAL 1002

RAL 3000

RAL 7016

RAL 9002

RAL 3005

RAL 7024

RAL 9007

RAL 3011

RAL 7035

RAL 9006

RAL 5010

RAL 8004

RAL 9010


RAL 8017

RAL 3009

RAL 6020

RAL 8019

RAL 6011

RAL 9005

DRIPSTOP Condensation Membrane


DR!PSTOP is a special membrane that solves condensation problem inside buildings with uninsulated roof. When the condensation process starts, water drops start to form on the underside of the roof. DR!PSTOP absorbs around 1.000 g/m2 of water which is stored in tiny places in the membrane. When it becomes warmer, water starts to evaporate back to air and DR!PSTOP membrane gets dry again.

DripStop is applied as roofing panels are manufactured, be sure to order before you begin.

Don't let condensation from your metal roof cause the contents of your building to be rained on, DripStop anti-condensation membrane is a cost effective solution for preventing dripping caused by condensation.

If you’re interested in having the Dripstop membrane applied to your sheeting then you can select from a wide range of sheet colour, thickness and finish. Head on over to our roofing products for more details. If you’re still unsure whether it’s needed or indeed worth it, then get in touch and we’ll help you to get to grips with the benefits of using Dripstop.



Steel Roofing and Wall cladding System includes a wide range of versatile accessories, including fasteners for fixing the panels and flashings, profiles, flashings as well as sealants and insulation. Our accessory range covers the following items:

  • fasteners, wall and roofing screws

  • profiles

  • flashings

  • drills, screws and rivets for steel sheets and flashing fixing

  • various sealant strips and sealant compounds, frames, joints and flashings

  • insulation strips for joints

  • vapour breathing membranes 

  • PLAIN SHEET METAL (galvanized 0.5/0.7/1.0mm, aluzinc 0.5/0.7mm, coated sheets 0.5/0.7mm) 1250x2000 mm

  • vent chimney

Flashings characteristics:
  • Manufactured from same high-quality materials as panels

  • Available in long lengths

  • Flashings according to our details

  • Delivery together with the main order 

Contact us for detailed information on the required roofing and wall cladding material.

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